Browsers react in a bad way when there are unexpected elements, like directives, inside a table.

Versions used below

angular 1.3.8
firefox 34
chrome 39
safari 8.0.2

Replacing table children with Angular directives

I wrote a restrict: 'E'-style directive intending to do something like this

<my-row ng-repeat="..."></my-row>

How it broke

My tr-replacing directive ended up above the table.

This is not an Angular bug. It's how browsers handle invalid html. Elements other than those allowed to be table children will be moved out. This seems to be a best-effort attempt by the browser to make the html parseable.

You'll see the same browser behavior with

<b>to boldly go</b>

What works

Use restrict: 'A' in the directive definition object instead of restrict: 'E'.

The original idea becomes

<tr my-header-row></tr>
<tr my-row ng-repeat="..."></tr>