With a site hosted on Netlify, I want requests to /blog to be redirected to the latest blog post. Also, I don't want to manually update the _redirects file each time a new post is published.

I did it with Nunjucks templates but the idea should translate to all of Eleventy's supported template languages.


  1. Create a file named _redirects.njk in your Eleventy input directory.
  2. The content of that file should be something like this
permalink: _redirects
{%- set latestPost = collections.posts | reverse | first -%}
/blog {{latestPost.url}}
  1. Test by running an Eleventy build in your site's repo.
$ npx @11ty/eleventy
  1. Verify the presence and content of _redirects in the Eleventy output directory. The format of the _redirects file is described in Netlify's redirects documentation.
  2. git push to your Netlify-watched remote repo and get ready to celebrate.