When an Angular app gets big it can be time consuming to figure out what injectables are available and what modules they are from.

Versions used below

"angular": "^1.0.8",
"ps-which": "1.2.2",
"gulp": "3.8.11",
"gulp-filter": "2.0.2",
"browserify": "10.2.1"

How could you not know what's in your Angular app? It's your app.

Well, maybe you

  • wake up one day and realize your app is a monolith
  • have inherited an app due to turnover in the development team
  • are the new developer on a project

Introducing ps-which

ps-which is a tool that watches as things are defined in an Angular app. It can tell you which module a directive or service (or value or factory, etc) is from.

It can also list out types by module.

See what module a type is from

Let's say you have a directive my-directive in a template and want to know what module it's from.



and it will respond

'directive in myModule'

List types by module

ps-which can list out everything defined in an Angular app using a markdown format.


will print to console

# myModule
## directive
- myDirective
- anotherDirective
## value
- someValue

# myOtherModule
## service
- someService

Filtering report output

psWhich.report() accepts a RegExp to filter what modules are listed.


Keeping it out of production builds

Since ps-which is a development helper you probably don't want it in your production build.

gulp when using bower

Filter ps-which out of the js file stream.

var filter = require('gulp-filter');

// then later in some task:

var files = <js files included on html page>

return gulp.src(files)
// "allow everything through except ps-which"
.pipe(filter(['*', '!ps-which.js']))


The lazy way is to have browserify ignore ps-which, turning its export into {}, essentially a no-op. Since ps-which's export is not useful (ps-which is always accessed via global variable), no app code should be using it and ignoring it should be fine.

$ browserify app.js --ignore ps-which

A non-lazy way could be using envify with unreachable-branch-transform to completely remove require('ps-which') from the code before browserify makes the bundle.