If a package causes Sublime to hang as soon as it starts, you can't remove it with Package Control.

Versions used below

Sublime Text 2.0.2 Build 2221

Package Control makes managing Sublime Text packages shockingly easy but it's not available when you can't get to the Sublime command palette. I installed a package that caused a spinning pinwheel of death shortly after starting Sublime Text.

After a few failed attempts of racing to the command palette to remove the package, I had to look for another way. The steps below assume you're on OS X but the paths should be similar for other operating systems.

1. Close Sublime

This might not be necessary but there's a reason why you're unconscious during major surgery.

2. Delete the package's directory

Delete the package's directory in Sublime's packages folder.

$ rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/<package to remove>

If the package was installed manually, e.g. using git clone, you're done. If you installed using Package Control there is one more crucial step.

3. Make Package Control forget about the package

Open ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User/Package Control.sublime-settings in some other editor and remove the package name from the installed_packages array.

Without this step Package Control will reinstall the package when you start Sublime. This was really confusing the first few times.

The offending package

The package causing this trouble was CursorRuler. It claims to be fine in Sublime Text 3 but has known issues in Sublime 2.

Avoid CursorRuler if you use Sublime Text 2.