When trying out a module I start by downloading it into a new directory. I want to do that as fast as possible.

Versions used below

npm 2.8.4
bower 1.4.1

Test-driving a module

To try a module for the first time, my steps are:

$ mkdir foo-test-drive
$ cd $_
$ npm init
$ npm install foo -S

I can npm install without having a package.json so technically npm init is unnecessary. I do it because package.json is an easily accessible record of what version the test-drive code was written against.

During init npm asks some questions and since the test-drive code won't be reused, I don't care about the answers. I press and hold <enter> to accept the default answers. That's more work than I want to do for this.

There's a quicker way.

npm init

$ npm init -y

This will automatically accept the defaults.

The -y stands for yes as in say yes to all the prompts. These flags also work: --yes, -f, --force.

bower init

There is no built-in option for bower but the unix yes command will work. It outputs its argument followed by a newline indefinitely. Try yes hi and then ctrl-c when you've had enough.

Using yes with empty string will be like hitting enter to accept the defaults.

$ yes '' | bower init

That is still a decent bit of typing so alias it to something memorable.

In .bashrc or somewhere:

alias bowerf="yes '' | bower init"