Trello is a generic tool that can organize almost anything. This is how I use Trello to know what I've done to my car.

One Trello board per car

Make a board for each car. Name the board something descriptive like "2013 Toyota Camry" or whatever you call your car.

One list per year

In the car's board, create one list for each year you have the car. Add new years on the left so the current year is easy to find when you open the board.

One card per thing

Give each card a title of "Month - Mileage - Thing", for example "Apr - 20167 - Oil change". New cards go at the bottom of their year list. Here is an example year with cards.

A "thing" is any action or change that was done to your car.

Record what you did

Add cards for basic stuff like changing air filters, wipers, headlight bulbs, etc.

If there are any warranties that come along with it, get a scan of that and the receipt. Note the part number and maybe attach a picture of the packaging so it's easy to find it again next time.

If necessary, include a link to a youtube video that shows how to change the part.

Record what a garage did

Add cards for work done by mechanics.

List what was done, where it was done and attach a scan of the receipt. Also make note of warranties and if the work was done because of a recall.

Some places give you a report from their 20-something point inspection, attach a scan of that.

Record accidents

Add cards for accidents your car is in.

Note what body shop you took it to and scan receipts.

Add a list for needs

Keep a list on the far left side to track things your car needs like scheduled maintenance and due dates.

  • Registration renewal
  • Vehicle emissions test
  • Oil change, tire rotation, etc